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Featured Properties

1121 C Street, NE

Price: $978,500
Year Built: 1922
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
Call the medics, heart-stopping aesthetics are feeding my fetish for settings embellished, for...
Under Contract

1250 E Street, NE

Price: $838,500
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park/H-Street
Consult the adults for recognition that the human condition needs personal space, that four walls...
Under Contract

205 18th Street, SE #2

Price: $468,500
Year Built: 1978
Neighborhood: Hill East / Stadium Armory
Two-bedrooms (rightly sized), tree-topping (up high), metro stopping (nearby), car-docking (why...
Under Contract

520 K Street, NE Units #1 & #2

Price: $668,500 & $698,500
Year Built: 1908
Neighborhood: H-Street / Union Market / NOMA
Two new fat flats for your big life, rightly sized, nicely priced, location prized, you cannot deny...
Under Contract

222 Tennessee Avenue, NE

Price: $788,500
Year Built: 1913
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
The description I get of an anti-flip is emotional shelter a vow of truth between ground and roof a...
Under Contract

248 57th Place NE

Price: $368,500
Year Built: 1945
Neighborhood: Deanwood
Remember your first I-Phone? The package alone was a piece of art the smart parts started...
Under Contract

2940 M Street, SE

Price: $318,500
Year Built: 1939
Neighborhood: Hillcrest
Minutes from the city's center, a cottage in the woods, heaven in Hillcrest, the next it...