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Featured Properties

121 Rock Creek Church Road, NW

Price: $748,500
Year Built: 1916
Neighborhood: Petworth
Bright smiling porch, leash in its teeth, pure-bred surface, puppy beneath, pulling you fast into...

Victorian Enclave behind Eastern Market

Price: $2,295,000
Year Built: 1896
Neighborhood: Captitol Hill / Eastern Market
Five black Suburbans in an urban fairy-tail, Georgetown abandoned by an upscale cabinet, well-...
Under Contract

1616 Potomac Avenue, SE

Price: $968,000
Year Built: 1924
Neighborhood: Hill East / Congressional Cemetery
Fairly fond of beach-blonde hair, folding chairs, salty air, sandy feet, sweaty bottles, sun...
Under Contract

814 Snowden Hallowell Way

Price: $824,500
Year Built: 2012
Neighborhood: Old Town
Old Town, new world, #UrbanChic in a neighborhood fairy-tale. A house built for the eyes but...

720 Fourth Street, NE

Price: $1,098,500
Year Built: 1902
Neighborhood: H - Street
Organically grown. conflict-free, warm wood, cool stone, seeds sown in liquid light on a Victorian...

112 Fourth Street, NE

Price: $1,845,000
Year Built: 1872
Neighborhood: Captitol Hill / Eastern Market
Pause, prepare, beware thin air in there, I dare you not to stop & stare, to tear your eyes...