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Under Contract

3718 Jennifer Street, NW

Price: $967,000
Year Built: 1924
Neighborhood: Chevy Chase
Muscle-bound Beauty-Queen canopied by quiet trees, political prose, Connecticut eats, Friendship...
Under Contract

1113 D Street, SE

Price: $1,088,500
Year Built: 1924
Neighborhood: Eastern Market
Let there be light, and it was good, mind’s eye took flight in 20 feet of ceiling height,...
Under Contract

1715 Bay Street, SE

Price: $878,000
Year Built: 1925
Neighborhood: Hill East / Stadium Armory
A two-level beast - Capitol Hill East, on a canopied street, in a fantasy setting for a timeless...
Under Contract

420 Sixteenth Street, SE #310

Price: $412,500
Year Built: 1947
Neighborhood: Hill East
Hill East Piggy-Bank, Top-Floor Corner, two sides of light, two beds at night, when did bright get...
Under Contract

635 Constitution Avenue, NE

Price: $998,500
Year Built: 1865
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Come and get your location-freak on, dancing beneath the Capitol Dome, Urban Farmhouse, Senate-Side...

112 Fourth Street, NE

Price: $1,845,000
Year Built: 1872
Neighborhood: Captitol Hill / Eastern Market
Pause, prepare, beware thin air in there, I dare you not to stop & stare, to tear your eyes...

1336 Independence Avenue, SE

Price: $1,488,000
Year Built: 1909
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park
Admittedly addicted to the south side of the Park, a village, a hamlet, a bad mad habit for an open...