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Is this exactly where I want to be?

It’s a surprise to no one that the most important factor in buying a new home is LOCATION. Ideally, it will be close to everything.

  • Good schools
  • Grocers
  • Banks
  • Cleaners
  • Public transportation
  • Work
  • Shopping
  • Healthcare
  • Putting yourself on the map in precisely the right spot may seem like a no-brainer. But it takes some planning.


Can you get there from here? Will it be easy to get out of town and around town from your new home? Is it convenient to the routes you normally take?


Is the house sited the way you want it to be? If you’ve got sixty sun-loving housing plants, you’re going to prize a good southern exposure? Is there a noisy bus stop close by? Or a firehouse?


Try to talk to folks on the streets, neighbors and longtime residents of the community to get their take on what it’s really like to live there.


Find out if there are any covenants or bylaws or historical society mandates governing the property. Look for restrictions that could prevent you from making changes/alterations you’d find necessary to make the property ideal for your family.


Are any major new developments, roadwork, waterworks, restorations or major construction projects such as a new METRO line planned for the area? And if so, can you live with the upheaval? Will it impact the sale-ability of your house if you need to move elsewhere?


Don’t think that just because the neighborhood is mouse-quiet the day you tour that it’s a fact of life 24/7. Check out the street and environs several times during the day. Rush hour particularly. And after dark, as well. Are there churches or schools nearby that could affect parking availability?


It’s always a good idea to make sure your home has staying power. Investigate whether or not it sits in a flood plain. Check to make sure the soil is stable. Verify that there are no old utility storage tanks concealed below ground.