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Buyer's Agent


Most people wouldn’t go into a courtroom without representation by a lawyer. And most people shouldn’t try to buy a home without representation by a buyer’s agent.  

In just about every real estate transaction except “For Sale by Owner” situations, a listing agent represents the seller. It’s a legal relationship which actually prohibits the agent from divulging to a potential buyer certain information about the property, his clients and/or transaction activity on the listing. So if you want to make an offer on the property, you can’t ask the listing agent if the owner is likely to accept a lower price. Or how long the home has been on the market. Or if the basement ever leaks.. Actually, you can ask, but the agent can’t tell you unless his clients have given him the OK. To give out such information would be a disservice to his clients. 

How is a Buyer's Agent different?

A Buyer's Agent represents you. Your interests. He or she will go the extra mile to shed light on factors that could strengthen your bargaining position. Learn how long the house has been on the market. Research previous offers and counter offers. Determine how eager the seller is to sell the house and move on. Decipher how willing the seller may be to make repairs or compromise on points.

You deserve a fair playing field.

Tom, Tim and Jesse are well versed in articulating deals that give their clients the house they want at a price that’s fair. Or more than fair. They know it’s not just a piece of property they’re working to obtain, it’s peace of mind. Through virtually hundreds of transactions, they’ve learned the value of getting there first, knowing the market, understanding client needs, appreciating client wants and reading sellers’ positions.

Is it going to cost you more to have a Buyer’s Agent?


In the vast majority of cases the Buyer’s Agent is paid from the commission on the sale of the property. The Seller’s Agent and Buyer’s Agent simply split the commission that would have gone exclusively to the Seller’s Agent.

On rare occasions the listing real estate company has a unique commission agreement with the sellers. But you’re not to worry about that. It’s our concern. You can rest assured that you won’t be paying more for your home because you’ve had us represent you. And chances are very good that you’ll end up paying less for it. After all, knowledge is power. We bring additional knowledge to the negotiating table that often benefits the buyer. Substantially.

What if the Tom's Team is listing the house I want to buy?

It’s not at all uncommon for a buyer who’s working with the Tom Faison Group to purchase a home that is also listed by Tom Faison. This is achieved successfully by means of a disclosed and acceptable dual agency scenario wherein the purchaser’s offer and other information are kept in complete confidence right up until contract presentation.