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What Our Clients Are Saying

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100 Fifth Street, NE

Tom Faison represented us in the sale of our house on the Hill and the purchase of our condo on Logan Circle. From start to finish he was amazingly attuned to our tastes and desires. He found the perfect condo for us, then the perfect buyers for our house. In all dealings he was fair, honest and generous. He became not just our realtor but our friend. The next time we move, he'll be our first and only choice. 

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Capitol Hill 

Buying and renovating a home anywhere is an arduous process. You have to decide what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. You have to find good and trustworthy contractors. You have to obtain the necessary building permits. Renovating an old home in the historic district of Capitol Hill, however, is significantly more difficult, complicated by a morass of legal regulations and the very specific and tricky way 100 year old brick rowhouses must be worked on.

For my wife and I, Jesse Hagopian and his team at RE/MAX provided the experience and skill necessary to navigate this process. From the beginning, Jesse met with us and carefully educated us on the nuances of buying a home. And if all Jesse did was to take the time to walk with us through the dozens of houses we visited and skillfully crafting the offer that the seller accepted (in a competitive, multiple bid situation), he would have been an excellent real estate agent for us. After all, the market on Capitol Hill for 3-bedroom single family homes is a warzone. To have an agent who's widely trusted and respected in the community is already a huge win.

But the services Jesse provided did not end there. Not even close. From providing us with a careful list of trusted contractors, to giving good suggestions on how to budget and plan for various projects, to helping us numerous times when projects on the house went wrong, Jesse went far above and beyond what we could have reasonably asked or expected of him. To be concise (although the actual stories themselves are far longer), Jesse has helped us fix plumbing problems, heating problems, title problems, and regulatory problems. Four months after we closed, and long after he was paid for his work, Jesse is still working with us to make the house we bought a home.

As we're winding down the home renovation process and preparing to move in, I'm reminded of what Jesse told us at the beginning. He said that his business philosophy was to provide such outstanding service that he would win clients for life rather than a one-time business transaction. We have found that to be true many times over. Not only did we have an excellent business experience, we made a trusted and dear friend.  

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Capitol Hill, Washington DC 

Tom is an exceptional real estate agent and I highly recommend him and his team! What makes Tom so exceptional is that he takes the time to truly learn who you are – your personality – and what you’re looking for – flow, entertainment style, etc. – and finds and places you in a house that is a perfect fit. He found my dream home for me by listening to my oftentimes abstractly articulated desires, a particular kind of ambience, a vision of how I saw myself in my home, a certain kind of flow and grandeur, all on a tree-lined, friendly, safe street for a particular price point, which he respected. Tom did such a good job finding me the perfect house that I’ll never sell! (I guess he lost money on me!). And, as a first-time, single-female home buyer new to DC, he held my hand throughout the whole process and afterwards; and, it was a long process as I was unsure about everything. Tom and his team stayed with me. After I moved in, Tom was still there to help me find painters and other contractors and answer any and all questions about home owning that I had. Fifteen years later (I bought my house in 2001), I still rely and call on Tom for his wise advice and recommendations. He never steered me wrong. 

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1716 D Street, NE

Jesse found us the perfect first home. He's a straight-shooter who we felt we could trust to give us good advice throughout process of buying a home. Jesse was up-front with us when he thought a house was overpriced or would cause problems down the road. He showed us at least sixty houses, never seemed impatient, and made several house calls to answer new homeowner questions times even after we had moved in. We've recommended him to friends looking to buy in the DC area.


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500 Groff Court, NE

Jesse was great. Walked me through every step of the way and answered all my questions. Found a home and settled all within a month. And for less than the asking price. Am very happy with everything.

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Northeast, Washington DC 

We couldn't have been happier with Tom Faison. My husband and I used him as our "buyers agent" I can only speak from that end. He's truly an advocate as well as tough negotiator...and we love him for many more reasons. HE is a totally no-nonsense, straight-shooter, brutally honest, doesn't waste your time, type of guy. His efficiency is exactly what we required. I was moving into DC and needed to find a place ASAP. We literally had one weekend to find a house WITH parking for a growing family. Tom knows Capitol Hill inside and out. The FIRST house he showed us was THE ONE. But, he took us to a half a dozen others just to make sure we had the right house for our family...and honestly all of those options were great as well...he really understood us, our likes and needs in a short amount of time. I could have seen our family in those homes too. Once we decided to put an offer on our new family home...Tom got it done (with other bids) and we closed in a record amount of time. When a few, minor issues later came up from the other side -- he took care of it, while I was trying to move from out of state. We love our home, we love our neighbors and our neighborhood. It's a great place to raise our family and we wouldn't be there without Tom. We refer our friends to him and would definitely use him fact, we're in touch for more opportunities down the line. If you want a warm n' fuzzy realtor, he is not it. If you want someone who gets things done and can make that sale happen for you...then call him.