• DC Agent Attracts Buyers w/ Prose

    Real Estate agents often take poetic license with listings: light-filled patio unit means basement apartment. Tom Faison got bored writing the usual listings, and now his are mini works of art.


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  • Giving Back

    A portion of each commission earned is given to local charities and non-profit organizations serving the city...

  • Sell Smart

    The REIDC Team is a different breed of animal in DC real estate. Our first goal is to learn; our second goal, to sell. Frankly, that's why we list and sell so much.

  • 1831 North Capitol Street, NE


    Big Brick Vic behind a wide white bay, catching western rays, bracing for space with no trace of distraction on its face the attraction is flawless design, urban lifestyle in...

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    There's a time in everyone's search when a light turns on...Be ready for yours.

  • Under Contract

    1811 E Street, NE

    Kingman Park

    Holla for my parlor walls, stand up against the builder’s gut, a four-wall flip-job robs your privacy, spilling all its candy before you barely reach the door, more and more, a...

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1831 North Capitol Street, NE
Under Contract
1811 E Street, NE
Under Contract
304 12th Street, NE
Under Contract
The Flats at Union Row