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About Us

Tom Faison

A native of North Carolina, and son of a Real Estate Broker in Greensboro, Tom recalls as a teenager prepping and maintaining his father’s active listings; mowing the grass, washing the windows, his father reminding him to shine the heel as well as the toe, but what most impacted Tom were the relationships he saw develop between his father and his father’s clients. That, a good sense of humor, and a frank honesty, which Tom says is the biggest time-saver in his toolbox, are the traits that he is most grateful to have carried into and throughout his 20 year real estate career in Washington.

In Tom’s view, all of the awards and top Realtor rankings pale as rewards in comparison to so many people allowing him to be a part of such a personal transition in their lives.

Tom believes that for both Sellers and Buyers, it’s about much more than bedrooms, bathrooms, even money. Some say getting to the bottom of what it’s about is one of Tom’s gifts. Whichever type of client, Tom’s goal is to teach, promote and protect. Quite frankly, that’s why he and his team sell so much real estate.

Tom sees his role this way:

“I know most clients start out thinking of their realtor as a salesperson. I hope that by the close of our first meeting I’m able to change that perception. Substantially.

First off, I think of myself as an educator…maybe a “tutor” is more like it. I try to inform my clients about the home-buying process, so first time buyers, in particular, feel more comfortable. After all, buying a house, especially 3 br houses in DC area, is 50% an emotional decision, 50% a financial decision.

I try to learn how my clients live before I go and show them houses they’d be happy living in. It’s not just about the number of bathrooms or even the location. It’s finding out what are the “must haves”, the compromise points and the deal breakers. Frankly, by the end of my first meeting with a new client, their original priorities often change substantially.

It’s my job to help clients be realistic…or they aren’t going to be satisfied with the process, much less the home they end up with. I may lose a few clients through my honesty, but I more than make up for it in the number of people who buy their 2nd and 3rd home from me."

Justin Tanner

Justin was born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, TX but moved around as a teenager to far flung places like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Moscow, Russia. In 2004 he joined a political campaign where a win led him to settle in DC. After spending a decade working for Congress, Justin traded the marble halls of the Capitol building for the brick row houses of Washington, DC. Politics brought him here, but his love of the city has kept him here. 

After buying his first home, Justin realized what seemed to be a daunting experience could actually be a pleasant one. And so over the years he enjoyed talking to his friends and colleagues about the DC housing market and their potential homeownership. This love of helping counsel people to find the right home for the right price led him to decide to work full-time with The Real Estate in DC Team. As a Capitol Hill homeowner and property manager, Justin has gained knowledgeable insight into the market and its trends. He enjoys finding “diamonds in the rough” and helping people envision a home's potential. He also desires to ensure a smooth real estate experience like the one he enjoyed. Justin and his wife Abigail live in the Hill East neighborhood with their 5 children.

Kendall Milano Hicks

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Kendall has been moving north up the eastern seaboard since graduating from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Kendall has called Capitol Hill home for five years. Before joining the Real Estate in DC team, Kendall worked for a healthcare start-up on the Marketing and Business Development team. Kendall has designed and managed hundreds of homes, as Chief of Operations & Design with the REIDC team. She works with homeowners and developers creating homes that will sell for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. 

Linda Frame

A native of upstate New York,  Linda enjoyed 20+ years in the Broadcast industry where she both sold and managed sales teams for Radio station groups. Many of these years were spent living in the San Francisco Bay Area where she also married and had two children - both girls. DC became a destination for Linda and her family, and that decision sparked a love of our nation’s capitol. The diversity, beauty and wealth of opportunities and experiences that are so characteristic of DC are just the tip of the iceberg for Linda. Linda came to the Real Estate in DC team originally as a client. The experience of working with the Real Estate in DC team was so positive for her that when she was ready for a career change, she headed straight to our offices. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for buying and selling homes with our clients, and in particular, working to hone the process toward a successful purchase/sale. Linda’s ability to forge relationships and to understand and be empathetic with our clients from both sides of the experience is key to her success.  Her goal is to make the experience of buying and/or selling a home successful and more enjoyable through education, energy and experience. In her free time, Linda is a docent at the US Botanic Gardens, and loves gardening herself  (although she admits to being too easily swayed by a new plant for her garden!) She loves time spent with her family, walks, biking, nature in all forms, and music. She also records professional Voiceovers for a variety of broadcast and corporate clients. 

LeeAnna Melton

Lee Anna has called DC her home for over ten years, but hails from Louisiana. She’s loved living in various neighborhoods in DC and exploring the distinct cultures & personalities of each one, but when it came time to plant roots and build a home, Capitol Hill was the winner.  Louisiana architecture was an influence in her upbringing, and woven into the way of life with its Creole courtyards and deep porches, so of course the gardens & wrought iron of Capitol Hill drew her in.   When buying her own property, Lee Anna loved the listings of Real Estate in DC so much that she bought one.  The process was far less daunting than she’d expected, and she couldn’t shake the desire to get more involved.  After an inspiring career in surgical-robotics sales, she realized it was time for a new challenge, and  wanted to help people navigate what should be a fun & memorable experience.  When she was training surgeons in robotic technology, she always enjoyed the art of tailoring things specifically to each individual and simplifying the complex, and that passion translated perfectly to real estate.  Listing or buying a house is so much more than a transaction when the home is the epicenter of our lives & it’s an honor to see someone’s vision for their life become a reality.  

Betsy Bartron

Betsy's father introduced her to the world of real estate as a child when he took her along to preview listings. Between then and now, Betsy earned a degree in Education and Psychology, married her beloved husband Bill, raised her family, taught school, and moved to Capitol Hill in 2010. The next year, she joined the REIDC team. She brings decades of administration and organizational experience from her involvement in diverse school, church, and community projects to her role as Transaction Coordinator.