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Featured Properties

1831 North Capitol Street, NE

Price: $1,188,500
Year Built: 1905
Neighborhood: Eckington
Big Brick Vic behind a wide white bay, catching western rays, bracing for space with no trace of...


Price: $448,500
Year Built: 1927
Neighborhood: H-Street / Atlas District / Lincoln Park
Honey I love you but we need more space, I need special assistance with your constant insistence on...
Under Contract

1811 E Street, NE

Price: $698,000
Year Built: 1940
Neighborhood: Kingman Park
Holla for my parlor walls, stand up against the builder’s gut, a four-wall flip-job robs your...
Under Contract

304 12th Street, NE

Price: $1,298,000
Year Built: 1916
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Lincoln Park
Perfectionism can be fun, hypnotism in the sun, a home that’s one with its inhabitants where...
Under Contract

The Flats at Union Row

Price: $778,500
Year Built: 20007
Neighborhood: U-Street Corridor
Corner Flat at Union Row, glass walls, sunlight flows around 1000 feet of distraction-free retreat...