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112 Fourth Street, NE

Price: $2,098,500
Year Built: 1908
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Dream House, truly sublime, narcotic light on a fine timeless finish, hypnotic sights while your...

325 7th Street, NE

Price: $1,088,500
Year Built: 1900
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Stanton Park
The first three rules of real estate: location, location, location. Urban exploration in the seat...

203 12th Street, NE

Price: $1,688,000
Year Built: 1990
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Lincoln Park
Consider your digs’ width, then think about this, 24 wide more than doubly deep filled with...
Under Contract

319 L Street, SE

Price: $988,500
Year Built: 2011
Neighborhood: Capitol Quarter
A seamless work-life balancing act, component packed, its soul intact, bring your wish-list, insist...
Under Contract

1223 C Street, SE

Price: $738,500
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Eastern Market
Three wide stories, a tall tale, written on pages with clean blank spaces for you to fill in,...
Under Contract

1374 Fourth Street, SW

Price: $448,500
Year Built: 1962
Neighborhood: Waterfront
Quintessential cooperative living, so city-central, so monumental, with a fee inclusive of nearly...
Under Contract

1203 C Street, SE

Price: $748,500
Year Built: 1929
Neighborhood: Eastern Market
A pristine machine putting Prius performance in Maserati's body on a classic chassis, green and...