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Featured Properties

1238 Linden Place, NE

Price: $748,500
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: H-Street / Atlas District
Peaceful retreat on an iconic block, H-Street’s beat completely defeated till you need it, in...
Under Contract

5015 Fourth Street, NW

Price: $768,500
Year Built: 1940
Neighborhood: Petworth
Wide-Berth in Pet-Worth, a slyly smiling inviting porch, pulling you in, then you begin, coffered...
Under Contract

241 14th Street SE

Price: $748,500
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Hill East
Start Smart. Do the math on the paths, the short trails to metro rails, boots on the ground,...

1217 G Street, NE

Price: $1,248,500
Year Built: 1900
Neighborhood: H-Street / Atlas District / Lincoln Park
Hybrid Brick Vic with a Craftsman’s front porch, finally put down your torch, big glass at...

1304 E Street, NE

Price: $1,038,000
Year Built: 1920
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / H-St / Lincoln Park
A speck of dust would perish in this immaculate home, distractions simply banished, clearly...