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Featured Properties

631 Lexington Place, NE

Price: $1,868,500
Year Built: 1913
Neighborhood: Stanton Park / Union Station
Perplexing setting, Lexington vibe, time-travel unraveled, Rockwell channeled, juxtaposed by the...

Lynwood Place in Chevy Chase

Price: $938,500
Year Built: 1940
Neighborhood: Chevy Chase
The size you've been craving, no bathroom line waiting, a location sensation in the seat of the...
Under Contract

4100 13th Street, NE

Price: $798,500
Year Built: 1924
Neighborhood: Brookland
Got space? Need suburban physicality with an urban mentality? A place to grow? A place to stow kids...
Under Contract

640 South Carolina Avenue, SE

Price: $1,088,500
Year Built: 1889
Neighborhood: Eastern Market
A hamlet founded by what’s all around it. Eastern Markets’ magnetic force, at the heart...
Under Contract

Brookland Place Light-Filled Flat

Price: $325,000
Year Built: 1939
Neighborhood: Brookland / Michigan Park
Easy, breezy, the absence of hassle, 750 square feet, this condo's your castle, Brookland your...

1363 Emerald Street, NE

Price: $788,500
Year Built: 1905
Neighborhood: Lincoln Park/H-Street
Every now and then, an owner-undertaken, thoughtful renovation, knocks it out of the park. In every...
Under Contract

9600 Bristol Avenue

Price: $434,800
Year Built: 1940
Neighborhood: Silver Spring
Perfect Argyle Park Cape centrally situated about a mile from Metro and 495, just two miles down...