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Featured Properties

The Veris

Price: $796,500
Year Built: 2017
Neighborhood: Hill East
A choreographed condo of precise form, exacting construction, customized function and mind-...

7 Browns Court, SE

Price: $648,500
Year Built: 1908
Neighborhood: Eastern Market / Capitol Hill
Total Zen-den in a pinch-me location, like life on vacation, seat of the nation in six quick blocks...
Under Contract

1205 C Street, NE

Price: $1,648,000
Year Built: 1905
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Lincoln Park / Maury School
A BEAST, due east, of The Capitol Dome. Rare square footage of seldom-seen roaming space, imagine a...
Under Contract

1238 Linden Place, NE

Price: $748,500
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: H-Street / Atlas District
Peaceful retreat on an iconic block, H-Street’s beat completely defeated till you need it, in...
Under Contract

Iconic Masonic Temple

Price: $486,500
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Let There Be Light! And it was good. My mind’s eye took flight in 20 feet of ceiling height,...