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Featured Properties

1225 Wylie Street, NE

Price: $688,500
Year Built: 1964
Neighborhood: H-Street / Atlas District
 Anticipate a fireworks show, starting slow, false crescendos grow, oohs and aahs flow,...

3211 12th Street, NE #101

Price: $488,500
Year Built: 2016
Neighborhood: Brookland
So house-like without the price-spike, five-block metro hike, through a village, within the city, 2...

246 57th Place, NE

Price: $398,500
Year Built: 1945
Neighborhood: Deanwood
Get that white-picket-fence feeling. Expect the effect you get checking off your list insisting...
Under Contract

921 Eleventh Street, NE

Price: $948,500
Year Built: 1921
Neighborhood: H-Street / Atlas District
Enchantress. Vintage but new. Baby blues smiling at you. Seductively, but not too serious. Creative...
Under Contract

1145 Fourth Street, NE

Price: $1,095,000
Year Built: 1924
Neighborhood: H-Street / Union Market / NOMA
Major rush walking in, then begin to breathe again, think white-water rafting on smooth liquid...
Under Contract

512 7th Street, NE

Price: $798,500
Year Built: 1909
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Union Station
Adult disposition, playfully positioned, so city-central it's driving me mental, a gentle...