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Featured Properties

1211 E Street, NE

Price: $1,248,500
Year Built: 1911
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / H-St / Lincoln Park
Rainbow Properties by the book, you know the look, clean linen pages illustrated around your life,...
Under Contract

1526 D Street, SE

Price: $648,500
Year Built: 1905
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Hill East
Enchanted cottage spotted on a rocking Hill East block, Metro stops, grocery shopping, bar hoping,...
Under Contract

1708 Massachusetts Avenue, SE

Price: $887,500
Year Built: 1920
Neighborhood: Hill East
A Beast, Hill East, poised on the porch, leash in his teeth, you can put down your torch, you...
Under Contract

1426 C Street, NE

Price: $848,500
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Lincoln Park
Treasure hunting bathroom seekers, now I lay me down to sleepers, tiny sneakers in the hall, finger...
Under Contract

331 Emerson Street, NW

Price: $898,000
Year Built: 1933
Neighborhood: Petworth
Bateman-Built end unit, deep and wide, remarkably bright with twelve side lights, all natural, a...
Under Contract

Drama in Kalorama

Price: $968,000
Year Built: 1912
Neighborhood: Kalorama
Drama in Kalorama, Urban Nirvana, mind cleansing, spine tingling, people mingling, aviator's...
Under Contract

518 14th Street, NE

Price: $898,000
Year Built: 1900
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / H-St / Lincoln Park
End of the Row, side windows you know, about one in ten, indescribable vibe, but try as I might you...