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426 13th Street, NE

Price: $888,500
Year Built: 1917
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / H-St / Lincoln Park
Bring your tape, measure this place, all three faces find pleasure whenever a wide site provides,...

312 Third Street, NE

Price: $797,000
Year Built: 1895
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Union Station
So close to Congress, you can hear legislation stalling, so strong the investment, pennies are...

Petworth Condo

Price: $598,000
Year Built: 2017
Neighborhood: Petworth
Nearly one thousand feet of distraction-free retreat, so far from the street that the lift's a...
Under Contract

1346 D Street, NE

Price: $938,000
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill / Lincoln Park / Maury School
If a 3% rate is not enough bait, add a legal rental to motivate, do the mental math, the gist is...
Under Contract

424 11th St NE, #202

Price: $497,000
Year Built: 1910
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Equidistant from Eastern Market to H Streets' beat, Wholefoods harkens, Lincoln Park's...
Under Contract


Price: $429,000
Year Built: 1927
Neighborhood: H-Street / Atlas District / Lincoln Park
Honey I love you but we need more space, I need special assistance with your constant insistence on...
Under Contract

6318 Jason Street

Price: $438,500
Year Built: 1946
Neighborhood: Cheverly
Big bedrooms in DC's close-in bedroom-community? Model-home - enchanted setting - minutes from...