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The Seller's Edge

For a seller, Tom’s Team brings to the table over two decades of sleeves-rolled-up experience in evaluating, pricing, preparing and marketing homes throughout the DC Metro area. Statistics show clearly that his program, if followed properly, works equally well in Chevy Chase as on Capitol Hill, rarely failing a client. Less than 6% of the time actually, a remarkable success rate in the volatile and often unpredictable DC Marketplace. Driven by a competitive spirit, tireless energy, and an understanding of his fiduciary to Clients, Tom has earned ranking as head of the #1 Re/Max Team in The Nations’ Capitol since 2006.

Tom has a unique approach to presentation, often focusing as much on the emotional versus functional appeal. Basic improvements, arranged and paid for by Tom, are important, but how they are executed is critical. Tom believes we buy how we feel more than what we see, and creating a feeling is what he does best. Whether you are an owner living in your home, who is seeking to partner up and walk hand in hand through your move, or an absentee-owner wanting Tom’s team to handle all aspects of your home-sale, they can work within your needs and budget.

Tom markets his properties aggressively.

  • He knows when people buy
  • Where they look for listings
  • What turns them off and lights them up.

Going the extra mile to make a home view-worthy is a hallmark of The Tom Faison Group's practice. They've arranged to have windows cleaned. Moved extraneous, distracting clutter to Tom's own storage until after the sale. Offered expert advice on repainting "saleable" colors and on getting maximum advantage from minimal landscaping upgrades. If it works, it's all in a day's work for the Tom Faison Group. Experience has taught them the modest, inexpensive changes that can make a dramatic difference in sales appeal.