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1021 E Street, NE

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Lincoln Park - H Street

Yes, it’s that house, total benchmark, a big pleasing easel, teasing you in, beckoned I reckon by twenty-something pieces of art, flashes of glass kindly reminding the light-show behind it so rare that we find it the sunshine defines it blessing your windows with a dressing I’m guessing possesses your cure, your doctor-ordered anti-depressant, bays for days, facets of rays. stressing texture, porch gestures, smiles inside, wide Victorian vibe, double-parlors and a massive surprise -- a clearing, as in “please land the aircraft in that clearing dear”, a family cheering, a standing ovation commanding libations and eating treats in a social situation so seldom seen in the seat of the nation, expansive understates, airy relates, get lost upstairs, rooms everywhere, imagine your master, imagine a child's laughter there's a grandma in the attic you storage fanatic now back down below, more space to mention, guests to stow, or if rent’s your intention the dueling meters and second kitchen correspond with release from budget bondage. If you’ve read this far you’ll have seen a parked car, between large gardens for some green-thumb fun.

Features and Amenities
Single Family
Semi-Detached Row House
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