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405 Fourteenth Street, NE

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Lincoln Park/H-Street

If you’re a fire-seeking creature, price your number-1 feature, then come in from the cold, this is wood-burning hot, adorably affordable, surprisingly sizable, 3-windows wide, 3-bedrooms inside, and the most wonderful intangibles; a soul, a soft curvy flow, no rough edges or sharp corners, a rarely seen gentle division of social spaces by a warm brick hearth. Anti-box, flip-resister. Thoughtful renovations with zero corruption. The bath – I felt cleansed just walking past. Kitchen – rumbly tummy. Morning sun garden means cool afternoons, even the shed has a personality. Note location: toe-tapping, drinking on H-Street, thinking Lincoln Park, Eastern Mart, Trading with Joe, Barrack’s Row, oh, Metro too. 

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