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518 14th Street, NE

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Capitol Hill / H-St / Lincoln Park

End of the Row, side windows you know, about one in ten, indescribable vibe, but try as I might you’ll find indisputable evidence of uninterrupted pleasantness in a clear atmosphere, global warming starts here, where cool liquid light pools just right, then spills and splashes, white-water rapids, heart-beat reaching meteoric levels, breath bedeviled, Aurora euphoria, time-test-driven, Rainbow Properties, just kept giving, living gets better when there’s a difference though, no dogleg, (google it), dual width, a screaming proponent of social components, bewitching kitchen, beds and baths need no mention, embrace your favorite time and space, morning, a deck with a view, the newest historical designation in the seat of the nation, quiet - but crackling with energy, H-Street’s beat so close - but not too close, a whispered conversation at a rocking cocktail party. Your fiscal missile.

Features and Amenities
Semi-Detached Row House
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