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For Sellers, the team brings to the table over two decades of sleeves-rolled experience in Washington DC Real Estate.

Records Matter - REIDC ranks in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide for good reason. Going the extra mile to make a home view-worthy is one of our hallmarks. Whether you are an owner who is seeking to partner up and walk hand in hand through your move, or an absentee-owner wanting our team to handle all aspects of your home sale, we have a proven path to success.

Expertise Matter - The REIDC team choreographs and provides a listing plan and calendar that is unique to every house. After years of experience, the REIDC team knows when people buy, where they look for listings, and what turns them off and lights them up. The goal is to achieve the highest sale, with the least amount of pain, in the quickest amount of time.